Himalayan Pink Salt Soap

Himalayan Pink Salt Soap

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Enjoy the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt in this wonderful bar scented with uplifting lavender and lemongrass essential oils. 

Infused with loads of pink Himalayan salt, one of the purest salts on the earth and rich in trace minerals from the Himalayan foothills, these long lasting salt bars cleanse and detoxify, leaving skin smooth, soft, and remineralized. This bar is ideal for all skin types, ranging from dry to acne prone and those who are suffering from various forms of dermatitis. Use for: Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, skin infections, dermatitis, athletes foot, body odor, insect bites.

For sensitive skin, rub on hands or a wash cloth first and then apply to body.

Another excellent way to use your bar is to let it float in warn tub water for 5-10 minutes and soak in all the wonderful minerals! (remove your bar and let it drain, do not leave submerged)

Ingredients: Saponified oils of: Organic coconut oil and organic olive oil, Himalayan pink salt, distilled water, pure Lavender essential oil, and pure Lemongrass essential oil.