Lotion Candles

Lotion Candles

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Bring a distinctive ambience to your space with a luxurious lotion candle. Skin loving organic oils and butters combine in this premium candle to lavish conditioning moisture and aroma. Perfect for daily moisturizing or a decadent massage.

*Product will melt during shipping in hot weather. Shipping during summer months not recommended.

Light candle until desired pool melts. EXTINGUISH FLAME, wait 1-2 minutes, scoop out melted oils with a wooden scoop and massage into skin.
This candle was specially formulated to be relatively soft at room temperature so it is not necessary to burn candle to use. Butters will melt on contact with skin. You can also set tin on a candle warmer.
While the candle has a low melting point it is recommended that you NOT pour directly on skin in the case that the wax/oils are too hot. Use a wooden scoop or other implement.
Day Spa: Calming fragrance with notes of lemongrass, jasmine and musk.
Citrus Sage: Lovely scent with orange, sage and lavender essential oils.
Fig: Fresh fruity fig aroma, slightly sweet.
Forbidden Fruit: Citrusy grapefruit with a hint of peach. Really nice light scent.

Ingredients: Organic shea and cocoa butters, cosmetic grade soy wax, organic apricot and/or avocado oil, essential oils and/or fragrance oils.